Microsoft Edge and Bing gain ChatGPT-like AI capabilities

Edge has also been updated with a redesigned UI

At its recent AI event earlier, Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft announced a new version of its Bing search engine.

The version, which adds AI capabilities to the search engine, is launching alongside a new version of Microsoft’s Edge browser.

Microsoft is partnering with OpenAI and using the same AI technology for Bing that is used for ChatGPT, with the next release of Bing reported to feature a new, next-gen language model that Microsoft says is “much more powerful” than ChatGPT.

The new Bing offers a chat function where people can type questions, similar to ChatGPT, and receive answers in human-like language. The feature uses the “Prometheus Model,” which is a version of the AI language built by OpenAI for ChatGPT, but with updated, up-to-date information. Microsoft added that the model will make Bing safer to surf, with search results updating more quickly than before.

During the AI event, Microsoft consumer chief marketing officer Yusuf Mehdi asked Bing to compare big Mexican artists and their well-known paintings. Bing displayed the results in a new side panel with annotations and links to results. Mehdi also asked Bing to create an itinerary for a 5-day trip to Mexico. The chatbot was able to respond with a detailed itinerary, with different activities to do on each day. The result also shared relevant links for sources.

As shared by Engadget, in cases where Bing does not have the answer to a query, it will point you toward relevant, helpful information that might match your search.

Similarly, Edge has been updated with new AI capabilities and a redesigned look. For example, with Edge’s Sidebar, you can now ask the browser for the summary of a lengthy piece of text, a lengthy financial report. You can then use the chat function to ask for a computing company’s financials and compile all the information in a table.

Like ChatGPT, you can ask the Edge to compose content for you, like a Linkedin or a Twitter post.

The new Bing AI is rolling out now for all users on desktop as a “limited preview.” You’ll currently only have a limited number of queries that you can ask the chatbot for help with.

Microsoft says it will scale the preview to millions globally in the coming weeks, while a mobile experience will also be in preview soon. Users can visit Bing.com and sign up for the waitlist for the feature’s wide rollout.

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Image credit: Microsoft

Source: Microsoft