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Crave didn’t update UI with new episode of The Last of Us [Update]

Users quickly noticed that it was actually the fourth episode, which premiered on February 5th, that was playing

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Crave users took to Twitter on Friday night to express frustration with the Bell-owned service after it started showing last week’s episode of The Last of Us.

As previously confirmed, the fifth episode, “Endure and Survive,” was set to premiere on Crave on Friday, February 10th instead of Sunday, February 12th to avoid the Super Bowl. However, Crave users quickly noticed that the February 5th episode, “Please Hold to My Hand,” showed up in Crave’s user interface instead.

It’s unclear why this issue has occurred, although Crave app users report the episode being available through VOD. For some reason, the episode didn’t initially appear under “live.” Crave has not addressed the issue on social media, although the streaming service directed people to this link to watch the episode. Those asking about other means of watching, like through Optik TV, are being asked to DM the official Crave Help account.

Beyond this streaming snafu, “Endure and Survive” is notable for a few reasons. To start, it features Toronto’s own Lamar Johnson in the key role of Henry, a man looking to escape Kansas City with his little brother, Sam. It also features two original characters: Melanie Lynskey as revolutionary leader Kathleen and Jeffrey Pierce (who played Tommy in the video games) as her right-hand man, Perry.

For more on “Endure and Survive,” read our interview with Pierce, in which he talks about what it was like to shoot in Calgary.

Update 13/02/2022 12:36pm ET: This story and headline have been updated to clarify that the issue was focused on Bell’s Crave streaming service and other on-demand platforms and is user-interface related. The linear premiere of episode 5 still streamed during its regular 9pm ET time slot.

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