TikTok reportedly revamping Creator Fund, introducing creator-made paywalled content

$0.20 for 1,000 views isn't cutting it

TikTok may be looking at new ways of revamping its Creator Fund program.

According to The Information‘s sources, TikTok is working to develop a feature that enables users to set a price to access a video. For instance, a creator may soon be able to charge users $1 in order to watch a given video on their feed. This program aims to help creators generate extra cash from their videos.

All of this stems from users reporting lower payouts when compared to other platforms like YouTube. Last year, big-name creators such as Hank Green went on the record to state that TikTok’s Creator Fund pays out roughly $0.2 for 1,000 views. This has also been echoed by other creators like MrBeast and SuperSaf.

A TikTok representative recently spoke to Engadget, but the company did not outright confirm the news of paywalled content. However, it’s “committed” to engineering ways for the platform to be “valuable and rewarding” for its creators. TikTok may require creators to hit the 100,000 follower count to be eligible rather than the current 10,000 mark. 

As of now, it appears as though TikTok is actively testing the new Creator Fund revamp in Brazil and France. While no roadmap is being provided, it’s safe to assume that a wider release could be on the horizon. Creators may be able to integrate paywalled content as soon as March.

TikTok has long been looking at new ways to cater to its creators. For instance, late last year, the ByteDance-owned company was discovered to be testing a horizontal full-screen video mode. To bridge the space between itself and YouTube, TikTok also incentivizes creators to upload videos as long as 10 minutes

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Source: The Information Via: Engadget