New Apple M-series stickers are now available to show off on your MacBook

These holographic stickers can prove to others that you’re living in an M1-powered world

Local Toronto company, InsideSticker, has started selling unofficial Apple M1 holographic stickers. Yes, you read that correctly.

The series includes the standard “M1 Inside” design. However, you can also find M1 Pro, M1 Max, and M1 Ultra variants alongside M2 options as well.

Each sticker costs $7.99 and offers a colour pallet unique to each variant. InsideSticker also provides a $13.99 Sticker Pack, where you can choose any three stickers for a discounted rate.

Each sticker is 25.4 x 32.7mm and includes Apple’s logo alongside an original design, highlighting the M-series chip. According to InsideSticker, every sticker is made with a “premium vinyl material” and a glossy finish. Each sticker is also made with eco-friendly inks.

Running along the bottom is the word “Inside” written on a holographic material. This will surely help it stand out if you want to brag and boast about your pricey new M2-powered MacBook Air. It’s worth noting that the vinyl stickers are listed as not being 100 percent waterproof. Instead, “they will resist limited amounts of water.”

Naturally, these stickers are designed to be used on Mac products. With one of these flashy stickers, you can ensure everyone knows you’re no longer in the Intel era. Moreso, these stickers are reminiscent of the Intel/Nvidia/AMD stickers commonly featured on PCs and laptops.

InsideSticker states shipments in Canada are estimated at roughly two weeks.

Image credit: InsideSticker

Source: @helvetiica