Mandating internet speed transparency will help consumers: MP Mazier

MP Mazier is pushing for telecom companies to share specifics on internet speeds under Bill C-288

Dan Mazier says small internet service providers (ISPs) support his push to have telecom companies share the typical download and upload speeds of internet services with customers.

The Conservative Member of Parliament’s move is part of Bill C-288. Introduced in June 2022, the bill is an amendment to the Telecommunications Act.

“Consumers need that information to make an accurate decision,” Mazier said during Monday’s industry and technology committee meeting.

If passed, the bill would require carriers to make information on fixed broadband services they offer accessible, including service metrics during peak periods.

As Cartt points out, the bill will eliminate language including “up to” and “maximum” that telecom providers use when sharing information on available internet services.

“It would level the playing field,” Mazier said. “I’ve heard very positive feedback from the smaller internet service providers, interestingly enough.” Consultations with larger companies led to mixed reactions, he said.

OpenMedia offered its support for the bill back in September, stating the bill would help Canadians make educated decisions.

“If an internet provider is advertising certain speeds, consumers have the right to know before they buy if those speeds accurately reflect average network performance,” OpenMedia’s campaigns director, Matt Hatfield.

Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Canada issued new policy directions for the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) last month. The Commission is tasked with ensuring a number of issues regarding wholesale internet, including that larger players offer the services at reasonable prices.

Source: industry and technology committee Via: Cartt