Netflix TV users can now customize their subtitles

This feature is now live globally

Netflix TV users can now customize the appearance of the subtitles and closed captions on the streaming platform.

As reported by The Verge, the feature can change the subtitle text size from the standard ‘medium’ to ‘small’ or ‘large.’

Users can also change the default ‘Drop Shadow’ white text to three new styles: ‘Dark’ (white text with a black background), ‘Contrast’ (yellow text with a black background), and ‘Light’ (black text with a white background).

This feature was reportedly already on the web but has now made it to TV users everywhere.

I’m someone who typically watches everything with subtitles. I’m not hearing impaired, but sometimes I have difficulty following TV without reading the subtitles. Sometimes going to the movies is horrible because of the lack of subtitles.

However, from an accessibility point of view, this is a great move on Netflix’s part. It can help people with particular vision concerns or even those with attention disorders so they can better concentrate on the subtitles.

Via: The Verge