Google’s Pixel Fold could land on store shelves sooner than expected

The Pixel Fold may be available alongside the Pixel 7a in mid-June

According to a bunch of new information about the Google Pixel Fold and Pixel 7a scrounged from retail sources, the devices could arrive after Google I/O in mid-June.

The information comes from WinFuture and 9to5Google (via Android Police). The two publications reported on leaked retail listings for the phones that include information about colourways, storage options and, importantly, the launch window.

For the Pixel Fold, it will reportedly land on store shelves in mid-June. That’s a surprising departure from previous leaks that pegged the foldable for a fall launch alongside the Pixel 8 series (speaking of which, renders of the 8 Pro surfaced online, check ’em out here).

However, it makes sense when you think about it. The Pixel Fold will reportedly rock the Tensor G2, so it might seem odd launching alongside the Pixel 8 with its Tensor G3 chip. Plus, launching the foldable in the summer means it won’t overshadow Google’s fall flagships.

Beyond the June release, the retail listing revealed there will be a 256GB Pixel Fold, though it’s unclear if there will be other storage options. The Fold will also have cases in ‘Haze Midtone,’ ‘Porcelain’ and ‘Sky’ colours.

As for the Pixel 7a — which also just had a massive leak — it will also be available in mid-June. However, it’s less surprising than the Fold since Google typically launches the A-series Pixel in the summer following a reveal at I/O.

The Pixel 7a will reportedly have three colour options, ‘Carbon,’ ‘Cotton’ and ‘Artic Blue.’ The first two are your typical run-of-the-mill black and white options, while Artic Blue sounds more interesting.

WinFuture reportedly saw a Jade-coloured case for the Pixel 7a, though it’s unclear if there will be a matching Jade-coloured phone. The Pixel 7a will reportedly offer one storage option at 128GB — the same as previous leaks.

All this points to an exciting Google I/O in May. We’ll likely learn lots more about the Pixel Fold and Pixel 7a at the event (assuming it doesn’t all leak before then).

Image credit: Howtoisolve

Source: WinFuture, 9to5Google Via: Android Police