Rogers releases blocks of blacked out text under CRTC order to share redacted information

The Commission's order referenced five appendices Rogers kept redacted from the public

Rogers has released a list of blacked-out documents in response to a Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) order asking for redacted details on the July 8th outage.

Rogers filed two responses following the incident that impacted thousands across the country. The first of the responses included six confidential appendices. Rogers shared some details on one of the appendices in its second response.

Five remained confidential before the company released redacted versions on March 8th. But the release hasn’t shed more light on the incident.

The amended appendices didn’t show the number of telecommunications service providers (TSPs) impacted by the outage. The same applied to most of its roaming partners and third-party internet providers (TPIA).

All it revealed was Freedom Mobile customers roaming on Rogers’ network and TekSavvy’s internet customers were impacted, information the public already knew.

“As a wholesale provider of telecommunications services in Canada, several other carrier [sic] using Rogers’ networks were impacted by the outage,” the company states in appendix one.

The outage also impacted critical services under federal, provincial, territorial and municipal bodies. While Rogers’ kept much of this list hidden, it did say the outage impacted passport offices, the City of Ottawa’s municipal services, and police services in Ottawa.

The outage also impacted Interact services, including point of sales, e-transfer, and debit functions. While Rogers didn’t reveal the services it offers the company, it did say the two are “reviewing the existing solution design.”

The other appendices cover prior service outages and what the company has done to prevent future outages. The specifics haven’t been shared publicly.

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Source: Rogers/CRTC