Musk replaces Twitter bird logo with the Dogecoin logo

Wasn't April Fools' Day two days ago?

Last year, in a Tweet reply, Twitter user @WSBChairman suggested that Elon Musk should buy Twitter and change the bird logo to the Shiba Inu Doge logo.

One year later, both of @WSBChairman‘s suggestions have materialized.

For starters, Musk acquired Twitter. To add to that, he’s now even changed the bird Twitter logo to the Doge logo, a nod to the cryptocurrency dogecoin.

Musk has long been a vocal supporter of cryptocurrency, especially dogecoin, and often comments on crypto via his Twitter account. The current move comes nearly a year after Musk announced that his Boring Company would accept dogecoin for rides in the Las Vegas loop tunnel.

It is currently unknown if the logo change is temporary or permanent. Whatever might be the case, it didn’t fail to sway the market. After the logo change, Doge’s market cap increased by roughly $3.9 billion USD (roughly $5.2 billion CAD) from approximately $10.645 billion USD (roughly $14 billion CAD) to $14.545 billion USD (roughly $19 billion CAD). Additionally, there is no way to inquire whether the change is permanent as Musk has set Twitter’s press email to auto-reply with poop emoji.

Image credit: Shutterstock