Google permanently moves away from its old Now Launcher

It's the end of an era

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If you remember Google’s line of Nexus phones that helped the company break into the smartphone scene back in the early 2010s, then you probably be aware of the Google Now Launcher.

Debuting in 2013 with the Google Nexus 5, the software was capable of suggesting applicable information to users much like Google Assistant does now. Now, a decade after its introduction, Google has decided to shut it down for good.

After digging through the latest beta of the Google app, a message to users was uncovered with a warning that the Google Now Launcher will be shutting down by the end of April, 9to5Google.

According to the message, if no changes are made by the user, the phone will be reverted to its default launcher by itself.

The last phones to run the Google Now Launcher were the Nexus 5x and 6P. Five years ago was the last time that Google issued a security update to those devices, signalling the end of Google Now in favour of other software.

Now, it looks like Google is finishing what it started in 2018, with the Google Now Launcher set to be shut down for good by the end of April.

Image credit: 9to5Google

Source: 9to5Google Via: Android Police