Microsoft rolling out AI Image Creator tool to Edge users globally

The Image Creator generator is powered by AI software DALL-E

Microsoft is launching its Image Creator tool to Edge users around the globe. Using the toolset, users will have access to the Dall-E powered tech via the Bing chatbot.

“Image Creator is now available on desktop for Edge users around the world,” confirms Microsoft. Once accessible, Image Creator is to be integrated into Edge’s sidebar. To get started, users must manually add the Image Creator tool to your sidebar. Open the sidebar and click the ‘+’ button and select the tool.

Once complete, Users can then type in what they’d like generated into an image. Bing will then take that request and attempt to match the prompt as accurately as possible. It then creates four high-res images. Once complete, users can download the image or upload it to social media.

Microsoft was first discussing the integration of OpenAI’s DALL-E into Edge and Bing Chat last month. The company claims it is using the “very latest DALL-E models.” In a blog post, Microsoft claims that this tool can become useful in the creation of social posts, PowerPoint images, and additives to documents.

Previously, the Image Creator tool was exclusively available to Bing Chat preview users. However, it is now rolling out to users on a wider scale. As of the time of writing, the Image Creator feature isn’t accessible via Edge on my devices. However, the rollout may be sporadic.

Source: The Verge