Lofi Girl is missing… [Update]

In the blink of an eye, an internet icon vanished...

Update 11/04/2023 2:25: The Lofi Girl channel has added a new live stream called ‘synthwave radio 🌌 – beats to chill/game to‘ and it features a new illustration of a boy and his dog playing computer games. The Lofi world website that was teased earlier is not working, and we will update this article again to provide an update if it comes online in a meaningful way.

Popular YouTube channel Lofi Girl has been teasing something for the past several days, and in the last few hours, the channel has stepped into the realm of mysterious storytelling.

Starting on April 4th, Lofi Girl tweeted, “I still haven’t figured out what my cat has been staring at this whole time…,” and followed it up the next day with a tweet mentioning the random blue window in the backdrop of the channel’s main video.

A few days later on April 7th, the blue window started flashing. It didn’t take fans long to crack the Morse code of the flashes and discover a URL to lofiworld.com.

This website only has one button that takes you to a new video on the Lofi Girl YouTube channel bathed in soft blue light. There’s also a calendar with April 11th circled and a large countdown timer.

Rumours are swirling about what might happen on the 11th at noon (12pm ET/9am PT), but the ‘Lofi World’ moniker has me thinking that a few new live streams will launch on the channel with new characters/rooms. Others predict a single new channel in the blue room with a gaming focus, likely due to the Nintendo GameCube in the bottom right of the illustration.

Other ideas are being tossed around on Twitter, with popular theories being a Lofi Girl app that will help make the music portable, or a game created in line with the channel’s lofi/study/chill vibes.

On the Discord server, eager fans are rampant with new ideas and discussions ranging from a new merch line to a place online where people can chat and study together.

You can visit the original live stream if you want to watch the iconic moment when Lofi Girl (and her cat) disappear. However, it’s unclear if it will go down when the timer ends. We can’t give a direct timestamp since it depends on when you enter the stream.

This isn’t the first time Lofi Girl changed its channels — at least on purpose. In 2017, the channel was taken down for using an animation from the film Whisper of the Heart. It came back online with the custom animation that we know today months later. In 2020 YouTube took down the channel over mistaken copyright issues but reinstated it a day later.

This time there’s more purpose to the disappearance, and until it’s solved, you can find me listening to Lofi Animal Crossing sounds instead.