Samsung Galaxy S23 series wirelessly charges a bit longer than predecessor

Sometimes newer isn’t always better.

In a recent comparison conducted by Phone Arena, we learned that the Galaxy S22 might feature faster charging than the Galaxy S23.

According to the report, the S23 Ultra takes about 40 minutes longer than the S22 Ultra to charge from 1 to 100 percent when wirelessly charging.

Phone Arena used Samsung’s EP-P2400 15W wireless charging to avoid any inconsistencies in the testing process.

Phone Arena also tested the Galaxy S23 Plus, which charges 15 minutes longer and the normal S23, which takes 16 minutes longer to recharge fully. It’s worth noting that the S23 Plus and S23 have slightly larger batteries than their predecessors.

Phone Arena tested the iPhone 14 Pro series as well, which took pretty long to charge, but it’s worth noting the 14 Pro Max has a comparable charge time to the S23 Ultra.

The S23 series likely takes longer to charge due to overheating protection. However, Samsung’s own documentation says the S23 offers an enhanced level of heat dissipation for the S23. It’s also unclear why the S22 Ultra, which offers the same battery as the S23 Ultra, takes longer to charge.

Phone Arena is using a 15W wireless charger, which isn’t the best charging source, as OnePlus offers a 45W wireless charger; however, the S23 Ultra and S22 Ultra only offer 15W wireless charging, so it makes sense to use this medium.

Image Credit: Phone Arena

Source: Phone Arena