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Amid Netflix controversies, what’s your favourite streaming service in Canada?

Netflix's password-sharing crackdown and slew of series cancellations have people turning away

There are a lot of streaming services in Canada, to say the least.

What was once viewed as an all-in-one alternative to cable has become an oversaturated space in which pretty much every big entertainment company has its own platform and associated exclusive content. That space only gets messier when you consider FAST (free, ad-supported streaming TV) channels like Pluto TV and frequent confusion over where to stream titles in Canada that are produced exclusively for U.S.-only services like Peacock.

Given that, we’re thinking about favourite streaming services. After all, there’s likely one that you gravitate toward the most, be it Disney+ for the original Marvel and Star Wars content, Crave for HBO titles like The Last of Us and Succession or even Amazon’s Prime Video simply because it’s included with Prime.

Admittedly, we’ve asked this twice in the past — once in 2019 (before the launches of Disney+ and Apple TV+) and later in April 2022. But even in the year since our last poll, we’ve seen a lot of streaming developments, particularly when it comes to Netflix, whose recent show cancellation spree and password-sharing crackdown have been met with significant pushback.

With all of that said, what’s your favourite streaming service? Let us know in the poll below.