Rogers moving Shaw’s outsourced customer service jobs back to Canada

This is part of the carrier's commiment to a "100 percent Canadian-based customer service team"

Rogers says it’s moving customer service jobs Shaw once redistributed back to Canada.

A Rogers spokesperson confirmed the jobs are located in Central America. The relocation will bring the positions to B.C., Alberta, and Manitoba.

Back in 2018, more than 3,000 Shaw employees took the company up on a buyout program. The focus was to make its customer delivery model more digital facing. Speculation about the company outsourcing customer service jobs was high, but Shaw said little about the matter.

The press release further details the service roles focus on phone calls and online chats with customers. The company says customer care roles will be implemented by Canada Day for “a 100 percent Canadian-based customer service team,” and all jobs will officially be moved back by the third quarter.

Shaw isn’t the only telecom company to outsource its services. Bell and Telus International (Telus Mobility is their client) have done so as well.

Rogers completed its acquisition of Shaw on April 3rd after it received final approval from Innovation Minister François-Philippe Champagne.

Updated 04/17/2023 2:47pm ET: The article has been updated with additional information.

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Source: Rogers