Toronto-based Formify makes a mouse that fits your hand like a glove

The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the product


Formify is bringing the power of 3D printing to PC by creating custom mice designed to specifically fit each user’s unique hand shape.

Imagine a mouse that perfectly matches the shape and contour of a user’s hand down to each curve and bend, right out of the box. Formify is looking to make this a real possibility without the need to scan or measure your hands in real-time.

They use a similar process to that of Dr. Scholl’s, a company that creates custom 3D-printed shoe inserts by using photos provided by the user. The company claims that the only thing they need to build a custom mouse is a “palm side up and fingers outstretched” image of the user’s hand.

From there, machine learning algorithms will “analyze the picture of your hand, taking into account factors such as finger length, width, and hand size to identify the optimal design for your performance mouse.”

Formify relies on HP’s Multi-Jet Fusion technology to 3D print the mice, a process in which a thin layer of resin powder is fused together using heat to create multiple layers on top of one another. The final design has a slightly rough texture, with users able to choose one of five grips added during the printing process.

In terms of hardware, the custom mice feature Kailh GM 8.0 micro switches under the buttons, a rechargeable battery good for over two weeks of use and a 26,000 DPI optical sensor capable of tracking speeds of 650 inches per second.

The Toronto-based startup has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help bring its products to the market, with around $11,500 CAD raised so far out of the $40,000 goal. Pricing for the mouse is expected to be around $179 (around $240 CAD) after it ships out to backers in December.

Updates on the product will be provided through Kickstarter. As for now, despite being a work-in-progress, Formify’s gamble at combining custom mice and 3D printing looks to be an exciting upcoming project.

Image credit: Formify

Source: Formify Via: Gizmodo