Pixel Fold, Pixel Tablet and Pixel 7a to launch on May 10: report

However, the Fold won't come out until late June

Pixel fold, Pixel phones and headphones rendered

Google’s May 10th I/O event could feature some pretty exciting hardware announcements.

Leaker Jon Prosser, who has been pretty accurate with Google leaks in the past, has revealed information about the upcoming launch and release dates for the Pixel Fold, Pixel 7a and the Pixel Tablet.

Prosser says the Pixel Fold will be announced on May 10th, and pre-orders open from Google the same day. However, carriers won’t launch pre-orders until May 30th, and the phone will launch on June 27th. Further, he indicates the handset will cost $1,799 USD (about $2,411.72 CAD).

The Pixel 7a will come in ‘Charcoal,’ ‘Snow,’ and ‘Sea’ (light blue), and the Google Store will have an exclusive ‘Coral’ variant. The handset will be available to purchase on May 10th, and weirdly, the Pixel 6a reportedly won’t be discontinued. That last piece of information is pretty confusing, as typically, one would replace the other. We’ll have to wait to learn more.

Finally, Prosser says the Pixel Tablet will also get the May 10th announcement, but that’s all he says about that device. However, 9to5Google has a bit more information about the Pixel Tablet.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the Pixel Tablet will come in four colour sets, though we only know two of them for now. The first has a green rear and black bezels, and the second has a white bezel and beige/white rear. The tablet will offer an aluminum body with a nano-ceramic finish similar to porcelain. Google says that the device has a “soft matte look and textured feel.”

The Pixel Tablet will launch with Tensor G2, Android 13, with 8GB of RAM. It will also have two storage options, but the storage configurations aren’t mentioned.

The Charger Speaker Dock connects via pogo pins and receives power from a barrel jack, similar to the Nest Hub Max.

Google will announce this alongside the Pixel 7a and Pixel Fold on May 10th with a rumoured release window of June.

Image credit: Jon Prosser 

Source: @jon_prosser, 9to5Google