Upcoming Pixel Tablet dock shows up in Amazon listing

The long-awaited device has received a flurry of leaks over the past few months

Promotional image of a docked Pixel tablet

A listing for the upcoming Pixel Tablet’s dock was briefly available on Amazon.

The user posted the Pixel Tablet Standalone Charging Dock in ‘Hazel’  for $129 USD (roughly $173 CAD). Before the link was taken down, the description read, “the unique Pixel Tablet Charging Speaker Dock keeps your tablet charged and ready 24/7; and it’s easy to dock and undock.”

Other information from the listing includes the model number, product dimensions (‎6.65 x 3.71 x 2.77 inches,) and weight of 14.2oz (roughly 402g).

Google first announced that it was working on the Pixel Tablet last year in May. It was showcased alongside a unique charging speaker dock and given a 2023 release window.

With Google I/O 2023 just around the corner, many expect the company to officially unveil the new tablet and dock during the conference.

It remains unclear whether the tablet will include the dock in the box or if it will be made available only as a separate purchase.

Google I/O takes place on May 10th, where we’re expecting to see the Pixel Fold, Pixel Tablet and Pixel 7a. Recent leaks indicate the Pixel Tablet will launch with Tensor G2, Android 13, with 8GB of RAM.

Source: Droid Life