Google Nest speakers to cut down on chatter in a future update

Expect subtler chimes to hit your Nest smart speaker soon

Google’s Nest family of smart speakers are in line for a small yet significant update. As per a Google Nest Community blog post, the company plans on toning down certain verbal responses.

When asking the speaker to do things like adjust the temperature or the speaker volume, you’re currently greeted by a voice that confirms the action. This update promises to replace many of these unnecessary responses with a subtle chime to signify the same thing.

According to Google, the update will begin rolling out in the next few weeks. The functionality is already live for adjusting room lights, but will be expanding to include blinds, fans, and more.

There’s one downer, though — the chimes will only sound if you’re physically inside the room you’re controlling with your voice. In other words, if you plan on turning off your kitchen lights from your bedroom, you can expect the chatter to continue.

Google is also hosting a virtual discussion panel to get feedback from Nest users.

Source: Google