Google might soon let you search Chrome tabs from Pixel home screen

The handy addition would make the Pixel Launcher's search bar more useful

Pixel 7 phone

New flags suggest Chrome tabs and bookmarks might soon be searchable directly from your Pixel home screen. First uncovered by Lance Adams on Telegram, the update would make finding and managing websites less of a headache.

The new search capability will likely make its way to third-party launchers and skins as well, according to Twitter user Mishaal Rahman. “AppSearch” is part of a Project Mainline module, which means it can be implemented independently of major Android OS updates.

Google’s Pixel launcher has had a search bar perched at the bottom of the screen for several years now. Over time, the search giant has added functionality to make Android search a more robust and useful experience.

For those of us with far too many tabs open at any given time, let’s hope this feature makes its way into a stable release in the near future.

Source: @MishaalRahman Via: Android Police