An “action” button might still be coming to the iPhone 15 Pro this fall

The new iPhone Pro is rumoured to include a new button above its volume controls

iPhone 14 Pro

A reprogrammable “action” button might still make its way into the iPhone 15 Pro series, according to a new report from 9to5Mac. The latest obtained CAD files indicate the new button is still part of the phone chassis — albeit without any of the fancy haptic technology previously rumoured.

A new haptic button was previously expected to make its debut on the 2023 Pro iPhones, alongside a haptic volume rocker. These new buttons wouldn’t physically click. Rather, they’d simulate the sensation of a click using haptic vibrations.

Newer reports indicated Apple is no longer going through with solid-state buttons due to “unresolved technical issues.”

If the action button does make it into the final product, it looks like it will click more conventionally. The new button would replace the iconic ringer switch in favour of something that can be assigned to various functions.

The iPhone 15 Pro lineup is expected to launch in September.

Source: 9to5Mac Via: MacRumors