Google India confirms a Pixel will launch on May 11 after I/O

The teased device is almost certainly the Pixel 7a

After multiple leaks and rumours, the upcoming Google Pixel 7a has all but been confirmed to debut at Google’s annual developer conference, Google I/O, on May 10th. Now, Google India has confirmed through Twitter that “the latest phone engineered by Google” is launching on May 11th.

The tweet goes on to say that the phone is coming to Indian Amazon competitor Flipkart on May 11th, and the blurred-out photo looks to be spot-on with previous Google Pixel 7a renders.

Although the tweet doesn’t explicitly name-drop the 7a, the blurred photo is likely to be the upcoming Pixel, with no other Google phone coming out anytime soon that matches up visually. The phone shown in the image also appears to be blue, ruling out the possibility of it being any recent Pixel phone that we’ve seen before.

Previous Pixel 7a leaks also showed off a blue colourway, adding to the odds that this announcement is regarding the phone.

The tweet marks Google’s first official acknowledgment of the Pixel 7a, with the company planning to reveal the phone at Google I/O on May 10th, followed by a swift launch the day after.

The Google Pixel 7a has had some of its information revealed thanks to multiple leaks and renders. The phone is allegedly nearly identical to the Google Pixel 7, with bigger bezels and a smaller frame. It also features the same Tensor G2 chip and camera setup from the Pixel 7.

With the post from Google India looking like the missing piece to the puzzle, it will be interesting to see if the launch date lines up when the 7a is revealed on May 10th. Other potential announcements from the conference could be centred around the new Google Pixel Fold, Google Pixel Tablet and Android 14.

It’s also been rumoured that the Pixel 7a might launch in a new coral colourway.

Source: @GoogleIndia Via: Android Police