New Gran Turismo movie trailer leaves its gaming fan base in the backseat

The movie is set to come to theatres on August 11th, 2023

Gran Turismo Movie

With recent flicks like The Super Mario Bros. Movie showing what’s possible when a video game film adaptation does everything right, Sony is trying its hand at doing the same. Unfortunately, the first trailer for the upcoming Gran Turismo movie is already leaving fans of the franchise with a bad taste in their mouths.

Directed by Neill Blomkamp, the film blends racing with a coming-of-age story and follows the true story of Jann Mardenborough becoming a professional race car driver after playing Gran Turismo games as a teenager and winning a series of driving game competitions.

The controversy stems from the trailer showing a teenage Jann living at home with his parents, who disapprove of him playing video games rather than hanging out with his friends.

It’s kind of a low blow from Sony, essentially implying, or at least showcasing, how video games are a waste of time, even if the game in question is the company’s own offering. When Jann, starts to sense that his gaming interests could start to transcend into real-world opportunities (could you imagine?), others are still convinced he’s just a gamer who doesn’t know better.

That said, the trailer does a great job showcasing the raw thrills of sports racing, features a decent cast and looks to be a well-shot film. However, some viewers can’t get over the plot of a movie criticizing its own fan base, even if it’s based on a true story.

Gran Turismo is set to arrive in theatres on August 11th, 2023.

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Image credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment (screenshot)

Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment Via: The Verge