CCTS says Billing is the main compliant

Canada has an independent, but industry-funded agency called CCTS (Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications). Led by Howard Maker, the agency was established back in April of 2007 and has released first year complaint statistics.

CCTS said the majority of consumer complaints related to wireless, billing errors, Local and VOIP services, internet access, and long distance issues.  In total, 6,132 contacts made with the CCTS from July 2007 to July 2008 with 2,226 were accepted as complaints within CCTS’ scope.The big 3 wireless companies were as follows: Bell Canada with 940 complaints, Rogers had 506 complaints and Telus had 579 complaints.

Commissioner Maker said “It’s a first for consumers, who can now be compensated for their losses and inconvenience. CCTS has had a very good record of clearing those cases, helping ordinary Canadians and small businesses resolve their problems in a thorough, impartial and expeditious manner.”

Read the full report here (PDF)