GSMA website confirms September TELUS HSPA launch

telus-hspa.gsmaIt’s always a good confirmation that the governing body for GSM puts on their website a date for a new network launch. The GSMA website shows the launch date of September 2009. So this could mean anywhere from September 1st – September 30th. To search click the “Looking for a network in particular?” then “Search Now”, followed  by selecting North American region and Canada as the country.

We’ve already known that testing this new network is well underway and that we can also expect some of the following released devices at launch or shortly after: LG Chocolate BL40 LG GB 255, HTC Hero (currently being tested for a September or October release), LG 9200 (currently being tested for a September or October release), Nokia E71 and the Apple iPhone 3G for a possible October/November release.

Thanks CanadianBacon!
(Via: HoFo)