Skyfire updates to version 1.1; Improves page load times

SkyFire now in CanadaSkyfire has noted on their website that they’ve updated their mobile browser and released version 1.1. They have made many improvements such as Improved page load times, Improved scrolling and zooming on Symbian, Page up/down navigation via short-key and updated plug-ins.

Here’s a full breakdown of the additions/updates/fixes:
What’s new in 1.1?
– Improved page load times. For sites that take a long time to load, we updated our algorithm to bring you the content much quicker.
– Improved scrolling and zooming on Symbian. This is a much faster and smoother experience now.
– Improved reconnect. Skyfire will show clearly when you can start interacting with the web page in case it previously timed out and disconnected (to save battery life).
– WML support. If you are browsing to mobile sites that use the old mobile WML markup, you can now view the content.
– Improved mobile website support. Mobile.* websites are now rendered automatically as mobile with the exception of mobile.yahoo.com since it is a PC site.
– Page up/down navigation via short-key: You can use now ‘2’ and ‘8’ to easily navigate one page up or down. Great for reading articles. Now the short-key for invoking the Superbar is ‘*’. Please note that on some devices with a non-standard keyboard layout, short-keys may behave differently since this is phone specific.
– Updated Plug-ins: For Flash, Silverlight and QuickTime we have the newest versions to give you more compatibility with more sites.

Fixes in this release
– Skyfire quits on startup on Windows Mobile 6.5 devices: It affected a limited number of 6.0 and 6.1 devices as well. (Fixed Issue 7369)
– Multi-line text entry behavior on Symbian: This was an issue when you exited text entry mode with predictive text on, or used the navigation keys. (Fixed Issues 7149 & 7112)
– Superbar state on Symbian: Cancel button did not always exit from Superbar. (Fixed Issue 7156)
– Samsung Propel and Jack (AT&T): Could not uninstall Skyfire if the SIM card was missing. Fixed.

Known issues in this release
– Short-keys inconsistent on non-standard keyboard. On some keyboard layouts (half-qwerty, dual keyboards), the short-keys do not work as expected. (Issue 7498, 7408, 7581)

More here at Skyfire