Actors needed to launch “a new telecommunications company”

actor-new-carrierWe were sent a couple links by an “anonymous tipster” and it’s pretty intriguing.

The title reads “Actors Needed for Street Theatre – Unique Marketing Intitiative!!”. The job request is for both Toronto and Calgary and the description says “A new marketing campaign featuring high quality performances has been designed for the Launch of a new telecommunications company (name not released till a later date). Enthusiastic actors and performers are needed to ensure that this program is successful. Program begins October 26th and runs full time for 2 weeks.”

We could be completely wrong, but this leads us to believe that WIND Mobile is up to something spectacular. They will be launching first in Toronto and Calgary and this date starts 3 days after they finally hear back from the CRTC about their foreign ownership.

Check it our here: Toronto link and the Calgary link