Say Hello to the TELUS Apple iPhone and BlackBerry Bold 9700!


TELUS will be the only carrier with 3 networks to their name (CDMA, MiKE and HSPA)… and they are expected to launch sometime in November. To date we know that they will be launching the following devices: Apple iPhone, BlackBerry Bold 9700, BlackBerry Storm 9550, HTC Hero, LG BL40, LG GB 255, Nokia E71.

In addition, some past notes for follow up is that the upcoming BlackBerry Storm 9550 will be the CDMA version, not the HSPA.

TELUS announced the iPhone was coming last week and by the looks of the image its looking on track for a November launch. In addition, check out the upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9700 and that new trackpad, this is on its way also!

After looking at the pics a bit longer…We are curious if these are actually TELUS devices as we see no branding yet, just a connection to their new network.

Via: BBSync & MobileNinjas