Lawyers in the Bell 911 Class Action lawsuit want to expand to Nunavut and Yukon customers

The Bell Mobility $6-million class action lawsuit has been dragged on since 2007. This is the case between Yellowknife resident James Anderson, and now 20,000 others, where they are paying $0.75 for 911 service even though there’s no 911 service available. The lawyers representing Anderson also want the case expanded to 4,000 Bell customers who are located in Nunavut and another 1,500 customers in the Yukon. Customers in these remote areas have to dial a 7-digit number to contact fire, medical or RCMP help. Bell says the reason they are charging these customers is because they could possibly use the emergency 911 service while traveling and eventually use the 911 service. The case is currently in session.

Source: CBC