“Google I/O Extended” to Waterloo office May 10th

Can’t attend the upcoming Google I/O web developer conference on May 10/11th? No problem… Google is opening their doors where you can sit back and view the conference live in their offices. Google is calling this “Google I/O Extended” and noted on their site that 11 locations across North America, including the Waterloo office (151 Charles Street West).

“If you can’t attend Google I/O, view the keynote and other major sessions as they’re happening live. At the Google I/O Extended events, you can network with other talented developers, learn and share ways to create great web apps, meet Google engineers, experience live demonstrations of products built in our local offices, and walk away with some cool swag. We look forward to seeing you there!”

There are still some spots available and to reserve your seat you have to RSVP here.

Source: Google
Via: WirelessNorth