HTC Panache pre-order now available at Mobilicity

Mobilicity has a great deal happening these days. They just sent our yet another notice of being in market for 1-year and did release a vague stat that they’ve “saved Canadian wireless consumers millions of dollars over the past year and we’ll save them millions more in the years to come”. There’s no official word on how may subs they have but would be great to know a ballpark.

In addition, Mobilicity has put a $100 port-in credit online (paid in 4 installments of $25 per month for 4 months) and looks like they’re making the upcoming HTC Panache their flagship device. It’s taken a top spot on their website and is now officially “coming soon” and customers can also pre-order in-store. This will be available for $499.99 outright.

Via: Mobilicity