Video Review: G-Form Extreme Sleeve for the iPad 2 (takes on a car)

A few weeks ago a video surfaced from a company called G-Form. They make protective gear for sports but have now expanded into protecting laptops and the iPad/iPad 2. If you saw their demo video it showed a bowling ball being dropped 3 feet onto the screen of the iPad 2. It survived in fully working condition. No scratches.

Personally, I found that amazing and have had some fun testing this case out. It comes in black and yellow and is priced at $60. The Extreme Sleeve has an intense, rugged design and is made of “Reactive Protection Technology” that can protect from the usual drops, falls and puddles. To test this case out I threw it around a couple times and decided to run a car over it. Bottom line, the case does what it says it should. Video after the break…