Rogers reducing “Unlimited Quebec” plan until June 15th

Rogers came out with their Unlimited Quebec plan back in October last year, this was mainly to compete with Quebec-based Videotron. There were a couple pricing options: $60/month that gives you unlimited local calling and long distance to anywhere in Quebec, or, $50/month if you bundles it with another service.

Rogers has come out with another “Limited Time Offer” that sees their Unlimited Quebec plan drop from $60 per month to $45 per month ($47.25/month including the creative GRFF). The bundle price also gets lowered to $35/month ($37.75 with the GRFF). This is promo is on until June 15th and is good for new and existing customers. You can expect Videotron (and the other carriers) to come out with a plan now that will match this as their “Infinite Quebec” plan is still at $59.95 per month.

(Thanks tipster!)