Report: RIM has 42% of Canadian smartphone market, followed by Apple with 31%

Finally a company has stepped up with a some up-to-date Canadian mobile stats. We’ve seen various reports over the past few months and years that were somewhat outdated with the growth that Canadian wireless is experiencing, but comScore has released a mobile measurement service called “MobiLens” (this is mainly for advertisers to get a peak into targeting their consumers).

Recently Quorus Consulting and the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) put out the “2011 Cell Phone Consumer Attitudes Study” that showed 33% of Canadians had a smartphone (it was based on 2,400 people surveyed), the comScore number echoed the results with 32.8% but in March 2011 they report that 6.6 million Canadians own a smarthone. A much bigger scale that solidifies the number. In regards to mobile OS, comScore says that the “Top Smartphone Platforms” for March 2011 is RIM’s BlackBerry with 42% of smartphone subscribers, followed by Apple with 31%, Google’s Android OS with 12.2%, Nokia’s Symbian with 6.4% and Microsoft with 5.1%.

As to what us Canadians do on our mobile device: texting came out on top (64.5%), followed by photos (48.9%), using apps (40.6%), surfing the web (32.7%) and checking work or personal email (29.7%).

Source: comScore