SwiftKey Flow coming soon to Android phones, aims to out-swipe Swype

SwiftKey has announced the next iteration in its venerable Android keyboard line, dubbed SwiftKey Flow. Like Swype, SwiftKey Flow allows you to trace your finger across multiple keys to form words. We’d imagine there are some differences in the product itself — VIPs will have access to it in the coming weeks — but ultimately it caters better to one-handed typists than legacy SwiftKey.

The benefits of SwiftKey Flow over Swype has to do with the company’s Natural Language Processing, which better predicts your next word than any other keyboard we’ve used. Flow incorporates those predictions and auto-correct into the keyboard’s “gliding” mechanism.

SwiftKey sells its products directly to consumers via Google Play, but it also allows OEMs to incorporate it into their own operating systems. Currently Swype seems to have the market cornered for pre-loaded keyboards, so it wouldn’t be surprising if SwiftKey is trying to get into that market in a big way.

SwiftKey Flow is coming soon to VIPs, and will likely be available shortly thereafter on Google Play. You can sign up for more information on their website.

Source: SwiftKey
Via: Techcrunch