Fido comes out with $57/month promo plan, has Unlimitedness and 1GB data

Similar to Virgin and Koodo Mobile, Fido has rolled out a few new plans – a couple that are priced a bit on the high side, such as the $60 & $80 max plans – but they’ve also a $57/month value pack plan. Here’s all the details:

– Call Display with Name Display and WhoCalled
– Canada-Wide Calling
– Visual Voicemail Plus
– 2,500 Call Forwarding minutes
– Unlimited Incoming/Outgoing/Picture and Video messaging
– Unlimited Anytime minutes
– Unlimited Incoming calls
– Unlimited Evenings and weekends
– Unlimited Canada-wide long distance
– 1GB data

The promo ends on November 25th, so we’ll probably see a new holiday plan come out then.

Check it out here at Fido
(Thanks to everyone who sent this in!)