CRTC creates online forum for Canadians to weigh in on the proposed “national code for wireless services”

The CRTC is under new leadership – now headed by Jean-Pierre Blais – and it’s not the CRTC from years past. This CRTC is actually listening to the voices of Canadians (see the Bell/Astral outcome here). Next on their agenda is to take on wireless contracts and create a “national code for wireless services.” It’s a big initiative and will, if approved, cover customers in many areas, such as making contracts easier to understand, giving consumers 30-days notice of any contract changes, and ensuring that all advertising shows the total cost including taxes.

The CRTC previously opened up “consultation submission” on their website, but now they’ve gone well beyond that and started an online forum where Canadians can actually have a discussion. That alone is not the same CRTC that your father is used to. Jean-Pierre Blais, Chairman of the CRTC, stated “We encourage Canadians to join the online discussion and have their say on how wireless contracts could be clearer and easier to understand. By sharing their views, Canadians can help us shape a clear list of terms and conditions that wireless companies will need to include in their contracts.”

The 3 main questions they’re asking are:
– What should be in the Wireless Code?
– How should complaints related to the Wireless Code be resolved?
– How should the Wireless Code be promoted and reviewed to ensure it is working?

The CRTC noted that the forum will be open until 8pm on December 4th, 2012.
Check it out here at the CRTC