Hands-on with the Nexus 10 tablet (video)

Also present at today’s launch event was Google’s new Nexus 10 tablet, manufactured by Samsung. At first glance it looks quite similar to Samsung’s other retinue of relatively low-quality Android slates, but immediately upon picking it up you get the sense Google had a lot more input in its design and build quality.

Not only is the tablet reasonably light, it is a dream to hold in one hand, thanks to a grippy matte material used to cover the back.

But the main draw, both in beauty and undoubtedly in power, is the screen. At 2560 x 1600 it is the most stunning mobile screen I’ve ever seen. It’s almost perfect to my untrained eye.

While I won’t say that the new tablet interface, which provides consistency among all Nexus device sizes, is an improvement over the old Honeycomb/ICS layout, I will say that it didn’t do anything to detract from my enjoyment of the device, at least in the brief time I had to use it.

Stay tuned for a full review in the coming days.