Hands-on with the Google Nexus 4 (video)

As we near the first shipment of Nexus 4’s to Canadians later this week, we thought it would be a good idea to give you a sense of what to expect. While we don’t yet have our review unit, we were able to play with the brand new Nexus device today at Google’s new headquarters in Toronto.

At first glance it looks remarkably like the Galaxy Nexus — at least its face does. Turning it to its sides you can immediately see improvements made not only to its build quality but its design. The Nexus 4 feels like a premium product, despite the fact that it is significantly cheaper than most high-end phones on the market. Its screen is crisp, its UI is fast, and its camera is capable.

And it should be: it’s based on the just-released Optimus G, which we loved.

As we prepare the full review for you, check out the clip below, where we take you through the phone’s new features as well as its impressive hardware.