Nexus 10 tablet now sold out on Google Play Store

Two days after the launch of the Nexus 10, it is now sold out on the Google Play Store.

While the initial batch of Nexus 4 phones sold out quite quickly, the 10-inch tablet took a bit longer to get going. But the super-fast 2560×1600 pixel slate now says “Sold Out” when you visit the portal, in both 16GB and 32GB versions.

The Nexus 7, however, is still going strong. At $309 for an unlocked HSPA+ version of the Tegra 3 device, it is quite a good deal, and can be picked up for shipping in 3-5 days. The first batch of Nexus 4’s and 10’s are expecte to start shipping to Canadians in the coming days.

Source: Google