“Eastlink To Go” TV platform launches, wireless network reportedly going live “soon”

Eastlink was supposed to go live with their new wireless network in  Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island “mid-2012,” then was pushed to “later this year.” We’re now hearing it might be turned on in December, possibly January 2013. ITWorld Canada suggests that Eastlink will have an LTE network (Long Term Evolution) and directly compete with Rogers, Bell and TELUS. In addition, they reportedly have 150 towers up and there’s ongoing testing. Lee Bragg, Eastlink’s CEO, said “We’re close to a cellular announcement. It’s going to be soon…. there’s no first to market advantage for us, we’re not in a big panic. We really want to do this right.”

In the meantime, Eastlink has released their “Eastlink To Go” video platform. This allows digital TV customers to watch OnDemand content via their smartphone, tablet, or computer “at no extra cost.” Interesting strategy. “No extra cost.” The press release noted that customers can use the “easy-to-use web portal” and access the Sony Movie Channel, AXN Movies, and MGM Movies, Super Channel Movies and TV Shows, Eastlink TV Live and live local sports. Coming soon will be Treehouse, YTV, OWN and the Galaxie Music Channels.

Source: Eastlink
Via: CNW & ITWorldCanada