Google pushing out Android 4.2 to “yakju” Galaxy Nexus, releases accompanying factory image

Google has begun pushing out updates to Android 4.2 for its many yakju Galaxy Nexus users, a week after it began distributing the firmware to select Play Store-purchased devices.

Yakju devices are the close siblings to the Canadian carrier-sold yakjuux, which differ slightly in their software but are otherwise identical to the international counterpart. Users have been able to change their device’s lineage, from yakjuux to yakju, for months now, and we’re seeing the fruits of those pursuits today.

It’s not known when Samsung, who controls the update path for yakjuux devices, will start its update process, but you can bet it will work with the carriers to push it out in a fashion no user would consider timely.

If you’re willing to take your phone’s destiny into your own hands, it’s possible to make the change yourself, as we’ve spoken about before.

You can also download the stock factory images for the yakju Galaxy Nexus from Google.

(Thanks to everyone who sent this in!)