Cyber Monday deal: Koodo HTC One V for $125 outright plus $100 gift card

We don’t usually post on deals, but this one is pretty hard to top, especially if you’re looking to add a smartphone to your family’s list this year.

Today only the Koodo-sold HTC One V is $125 outright plus a $100 gift card. The gift card is mailed 4-6 weeks after the account is activated to ensure good standing, but even if you decide to cancel after one month you still get a great entry-level Android phone for under $150. The device sports the attractive black coating that is exclusive to Koodo, too.

You are required to sign up for at least one month of service with the device, which hampers the deal slightly, but these days it seems one data plan is as good as the next.

Koodo is also offering the Samsung Galaxy Ace for $75 outright plus a $100 gift card, but please, if you’re going to do one thing for yourself today, do yourself a favour and spend the extra $50 on the One V.

Check it out at Koodo.