RIM boasts billing integration with more than 50 carriers in run-up to BlackBerry 10 release

As the date for BlackBerry 10’s release draws closer — just over two months now — the company is doing everything it can to ensure its customers can pay for apps and content in any way they choose.

RIM has issued a release stating they now have over 50 carriers signed up for carrier billion around the world, five of which are in Canada. Bell, Rogers, TELUS, Fido, Virgin Mobile support this feature, which allows users to add paid items to their monthly phone bill as opposed to using PayPal or a credit card.

This frictionless method of payment has helped app developers and RIM engage with its user base more effectively and, according to the release, “average carrier revenues derived from apps increased between 100%-300% after launch,” an astounding figure indeed.

Integrated carrier billing also facilitates in-app purchases, a huge revenue generator for game developers taking advantage of the “free-to-play” model. As BlackBerry 10 inches ever closer, RIM is going to be using every weapon at its disposal to ensure customers and developers are in sync.

Via: TNW