LG Optimus G now has bootloader unlock tool for Canadian versions

We told you that a shrewd developer had found a way to hack into the LG Optimus G’s locked bootloader, and would be bringing his exploit to Canadian Optimus Gs as soon as he could. Well, looks like thecubed has done just that, releasing three separate files for the Rogers, Bell and TELUS versions respectively.

The process itself is easy enough — it just involves running a .bat file from your Windows PC. The issue that the phone needs to be rooted before the exploit can take effect, so you must be comfortable getting down and dirty with your brand new device, as well as voiding your warranty.

Right now there isn’t much use to unlocking the bootloader, either. Despite its similar heritage with the Nexus 4, there is nary a developer community to build custom ROMs, so you’re pretty much left to your own devices. That, and you can use your custom recovery to back up your system files in case something goes awry.

Head to XDA-Developers to get started on your quest — or you could buy a Nexus 4, which comes with Android 4.2 and a much more active developer community.

If you haven’t read our review of the Optimus G, you should; it’s a great phone.