Video: RIM gives us another look at the Time Shift feature in the BlackBerry 10 camera

One of the upcoming features that RIM has embedded into the BlackBerry 10 devices is Time Shift (powered by Scalado). This gives users the ability to snap multiple pictures and easily adjust the image to make it perfect – no more closed eye syndrome. RIM first showed this off at BlackBerry World 2012 and wowed the crowd.

In a video today, RIM has posted a deeper look into Time Shift, specifically noting that the upcoming BB10 devices will come with “a great camera that allows you to take photos, full HD video. As well as a camera that solves some of the problems that you probably encounter everyday when you use a camera to take pictures.” Arun Kumar, Senior Product Manager, Multimedia at BlackBerry, said that with Time Shift you can literally go forward and reverse “in time” to make the perfect picture. You’ll be able to adjust multiple faces and basically choose a new set of eyes or change the smile. It’s a pretty cool feature and will be a solid addition to the overall BB10 experience.

Kumar also gave a bit more insight into the BB10 multimedia experience as he states that you’ll have the option to “personalize” the pictures or videos you capture, then easily sharing “your life stories with others.” This is something that has popped up online over the past number of months. Within BB10, RIM will include a picture editor capabilities that is a similar experience to Instagram.

RIM will unveil their new BlackBerry 10 OS and the two new BlackBerry 10 smartphones on January 30th, 2013. For now, check out the video of Time Shift below.

Source: BlackBerry