Google Play Store could reach one million apps by mid-2013

A new projection from Sociable suggests that the Google Play Store will possibly reach one million apps by June 2013. The social media site used milestones from the marketplace’s history and applied some math to figure out when exactly the tipping point would occur.

The number of apps has seen a sizeable increase since mid-2012, when Google put the count at 700,000 back in October. Sociable’s numbers estimate that there are 800,000 at current time, and predicts that will go up by another 100,000 before April 2013. They also point out that there’s a strong possibility that Android could make it to 1 million apps before iOS does.

While these numbers speak little to the quality of the apps found in the marketplace, they are powerful factors in the platform’s marketing. People looking for their first smartphone may be heavily influenced by the perceived number of apps available to them.

Source: Sociable
Via: Venturebeat