Fitbit joins the fitness band game with Bluetooth 4.0-powered Flex

The newest trend in fitness tracking is the band, as evinced by the popular Jawbone Up and Nike FuelBand. Never one to be left out of a party, Fitbit has introduced the Bluetooth 4.0-powered Flex band, a connected tracker that, unlike its competitors can sync with Android devices over the new low-power standard.

Like the Fuelband, the Flex has lights that help you track your fitness goals; it has an accelerometer to track steps, and will also track sleep and operate as a silent alarm.

The largest benefit of the Flex over the FuelBand and Up is that it syncs with Bluetooth 4.0, and is compatible with newer Android devices like the Nexus 4 and Galaxy S III. You can track your progress and enter data into its iOS and Android apps as well as on the web.

No word on whether the device is coming to Canada, but it’s up for preorder now for $99.95 USD. The Fitbit Flex will be available sometime in the Spring.

Via: Fitbit