Amazon testing drone delivery service in Canada

According to a report by The Guardian, Amazon is testing the future of its drone delivery service on Canadian soil.

While Amazon met resistance from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the Unites States, the company has received “the full blessing of the Canadian government,” and is testing the service at a secret location in British Columbia just half a kilometre from the U.S. border.

Amazon reportedly purchased a plot of land and started conducting experimental flights in British Columbia with a team that comprises robotic and software engineers, as well as aeronautics experts. The Guardian says that Amazon received its certification within three weeks of applying for an application, and has also been granted “a virtual carte blanche” to test its fleet of drones within the designated airspace.

Amazon experiments have focused on testing things such as “sensors that can detect and avoid obstacles in a drone’s path; link-loss procedures that control the aircraft should its connection with base be broken; stability in wind and turbulence; and environmental impact.”

[source]The Guardian[/source]