Siri search for Apple Music is coming soon to the new Apple TV

The Apple TV will be hitting customers’ hands starting tomorrow, and though reviews are pretty good overall, at least one conspicuously absent feature has been noticed by reviewers. So far, the new Apple TV has universal search with its Siri integration, with the notable exception of Apple Music’s catalogue.

Apple confirmed to Buzzfeed yesterday that an upcoming software update will add Apple Music results to Siri’s universal search on Apple’s newest set-top box, but it probably won’t happen until early next year. So far, Apple Music has at least 6.5 million paying subscribers, and many more still on free trials, and so Apple TV owners looking to have living room dance parties may soon be disappointed that their search isn’t exactly ‘universal’.

That being said, the fourth-generation Apple TV is a brand-new product, and while Apple typically works hard to make sure everything is integrated properly, waiting a few months for this feature probably isn’t the end of the world. You will be able to pick up the Apple TV in stores tomorrow, and should be able to get one delivered soon if you pre-order now.